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The Best Country For Indian Students To Study Abroad
The number of Indian Students Studying Abroad is staggering! Thousands of Indian students migrate each year to America, Europe, and Australia to pursue their academic goals. So it is not a surprise that Indian students form one of the largest international communities in the world. The education system in India is quite advanced; however, most MNCs prefer a degree from an international university which forces Indian students to leave India. There are many countries where you can find Indian students in abundance. However, one country that several Indian students rate very high for higher education in Canada. Let us find out what makes Canada the top pick for hundreds of Indian students –

  • Academic Excellence

The quality of Study In Canada is regarded as one of the best in the world. Education is a provincial responsibility in Canada, and each provincial government puts a lot of focus on education. You can find many options while searching for a college or a university. Canada offers a wide range of bachelor's and master’s courses. Even if you are looking for shorter courses to hone skills for jobs after education, Canada has got you covered.
There are various specialised courses and advanced and post-graduate diplomas at all Canadian educational institutions. Irrespective of engineering, IT, medicine, management, or finance, you are certain to find a course as per your eligibility.

  • Focus on Skill Development

World-class education goes beyond the boundaries of a classroom. According to international standards, true education prepares students for the gruel of the real world. The Canadian government has introduced a cooperative work program just to address this concern. In this program, students get work opportunities while studying. This is a kind of internship where students can get on-the-job training by working in relevant sectors before stepping into the professional world.
For example, if you are studying engineering, you will get the opportunity to work in a similar company. Usually, a cooperative program spans four years and the work experience of sixteen months proves to be vital for most students. The abundant option for developing and honing professional skills makes Canada one of the best places for Indian students who don’t get any such options back home.

  • Earn While Learning

In addition to the co-operation work program, students are also allowed to work part-time. Sustaining outside the home isn't easy financially, and Canada is also not known as the most affordable place to live. So, if students can squeeze out time, they can work for 20 hours weekly shifts on campus or outside. Students can also apply for a post-study work permit for up to three years. (Depending on the course you are studying)
Most Indian students come to Canada with a burden of education loans. So this option to earn money while studying makes Canada a preferable destination for most students.

  • Safe and Peaceful Country

According to the Global Peace Index, Canada always ranks as one of the safest places to live. Over the years, Canada has maintained its position among the top 10 peaceful nations worldwide. Many students from India often complain of on-campus harassment and a hostile neighbourhood. While such complaints are abundant in America or Australia, you can rarely find any such complaints in Canada.
The Canadian government is extremely lenient towards international students, especially Indians. The Indian government has a stable and longstanding relationship with Canada. The guarantee of a peaceful stay, clean air and water supply, and low competition encourages several Indians to move to Canada. According to reports, since 2016, over 2.6 lakh people have migrated to Canada, forming 18.6% of the total population of Canada. While Toronto has always been their preferred place to stay, Ontario is recently becoming a preferred spot for many Indians.

  • Immigration Opportunities

Canada is a beautiful place. Students often buy Travel Insurance and backpack across the country on weekends and holidays. Many students also fall in love with the country and plan to settle in Canada permanently after college. For such instances, Canada offers ample immigration opportunities.
According to reports, more than one lakh new immigration applications were accepted by the Canadian government in the last year. This is a very tempting proposition for several Indian students who plan to become an NRI after completing their education.
Summing Up
With millions of Indians residing in Canada, you can enjoy all the major Indian festivals with a diverse ethnic group. With ample job opportunities, reputed universities, and a stunning landscape, it’s not hard to understand why so many Indians prefer Canada as their preferred place to study. So, prepare with Duolingo English Test to clear your entrance exam and fulfil your dream of pursuing higher education in a foreign country.

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