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Chen yuan's courage in this moment all disappeared, he is just a businessman, Chen Shimei is just a scholar, that kind of righteousness thin cloud day spirit, now in his body can not be found. But Chen yuan is not a fool, hiding that Hu Jing, he may still be alive! Once you say this Hu Jing, you will be dead. He glanced up at Yao San. "Do I have a choice?" Yao San smiled, shook his head and said, "I don't think so." "What if I don't say it?" Chen yuan said heroically? At least, I can choose to die. As if seeing through Chen yuan's thoughts, Yao San said with a slight smile, "Brother Chen, there is not only life but also death in this world.". Between life and death, there is a kind of boundless pain, called life is worse than death, do you want to try? Dear brothers, if you have tickets, please give me two tickets. Chapter 27 please spare your hands. As he spoke, he still had a very calm smile on his face, but Chen yuan felt a chill in his heart, as if he were facing a devil. Chen yuan thought fierce struggle, things have come to this,tannic acid astringent, irreparable time he will not insist on to save, he is afraid, both afraid of death, but also afraid of life is worse than death. Without speaking for a long time, Yao San seemed to be impatient. He suddenly pointed his finger at Chen yuan's chest and said, "It seems that we should let Brother Chen taste it first." Just a gentle finger, Chen yuan suddenly felt a kind of discomfort that he had never felt before, as if the breathing in his body could not be carried out, the whole face was flushed,ghana seed extract, and he could not help coughing loudly. This feeling became stronger and stronger, and tears came down the corners of Chen yuan's eyes. The door was knocked open, and the voice of Ling Hua came from the door: "You spare him, I'll take you to see that woman!" After hearing this, Yao San immediately pointed to Chen yuan's chest again, and Chen yuan felt that the terrible discomfort gradually disappeared. Ling Hua picked up Chen yuan and said, "Brother Chen, are you all right?" Chen yuan shook his head with a wry smile. "Silly girl, why did you bring yourself in?" He clearly knew that the more important a place like Taishifu was, the more likely it was to kill people after doing such a thing. The water chestnut flower is involved, not only he and she, perhaps this inn is finished! Ling Hua does not care so much, just concerned about Chen yuan: "You are all right, we do not have to suffer for other people's things." Chen yuan sighed helplessly: "If I can't hold up, I will say it myself. Why do you bother to do this?" There was a smile at the corners of Ling Hua's mouth: "I do." Chen yuan was very moved, and when he was moved, saw palmetto extract ,fenugreek saponins, Yao San said, "Girl, if you want to be affectionate, I can leave you some time later.". Only now, you'd better take me to find someone. Ling Hua helped Chen yuan walk out, but Yao San looked at Han Qi lying on the ground and whispered, "If you want to blame, blame you for coming to the wrong place today!" Said, a hand pressed Han Qi's neck, Han Qi's eyes are full of fear. Chen yuan suddenly shouted, "Let him go!" Yao San looked at Chen yuan, but his hand did not loosen, but he did not exert any more force. Chen yuan at this time suddenly not afraid, really, after knowing the result that he must face, he is really not afraid. Chen yuan turned around and ignored Yao San. He opened the clip for Han Qi and said, "Don't be a thief again. Tonight, the thief in this room is dead. Forget today and the past. Start again tomorrow, OK?" Han Qi nodded desperately. Yao San hesitated for a moment, looked at Chen yuan again, and finally released his hand and whispered two words: "Let's go." If Han Qi meets amnesty, also does not go to the door, the whole person jumps out from the back window. Put down Han Qi not to say, Chen yuan took Ling Hua's hand, step by step to the back of the woodshed. Along the way, two people snuggled together tightly, Ling Hua no longer had that kind of shyness, holding Chen yuan's arms tightly in both hands, raising his eyes, looking at Chen yuan affectionately. And Chen yuan is also staring at her eyes, two people ignore the Yao San who followed behind.
Yao San did not urge him, but followed him slowly. It didn't take long for the three of them to come to the woodshed. Ling Hua took out the key and opened the door. Then she removed the pile of sundries to reveal the entrance to the cellar. "It's inside. Go down by yourself." After saying that, he pulled Chen yuan's arm again. Yao San glanced at the two of them and went down with a candle. He's not afraid of these two people running away now. And Chen yuan and Ling Hua also know that they can't run away at all in front of the people who come and go here. So there is no such plan, rather than waste the rest of the time on the escape, let their hearts full of fear to run, it is better to snuggle with each other. As soon as Yao San went down, he suddenly came back. With anger on his face, he pulled Chen yuan away: "You two are playing with me!" Chen yuan is stupefied, water chestnut flower also does not know him to say this is what meaning, two people say with one voice: "The person is below, did not deceive you." Yao San kicked Chen yuan over: "Go down and have a look yourself!" After Chen yuan went down, he saw by the faint candlelight that the whole cellar was empty and there was no one there! What's going on here? Chen yuan himself was stunned. Yao San's face showed a trace of ferocity: "I didn't want to kill people like you, but you forced me to do it. Don't blame me for being cruel!" With these words, he dragged the water chestnut flower in the past, raised his palm, and split the back of the water chestnut flower's head. Chen yuan shouted, "No!" This cry could not stop Yao San, but a voice outside the door made Yao San stop. Just as the palm was about to fall, Hu Jing's voice suddenly came from outside the door: "Nine princes, how are you?" Nine princes? This appellation lets Chen yuan be stupefied, Yao San is a prince unexpectedly? I just don't know what kind of prince he is. As soon as the sound fell,lutein and zeaxanthin supplements, a figure rushed into the woodshed as fast as lightning and shot at Yao San like lightning. Yao San pushed the water chestnut flower away and turned to meet the man. The palms of the two men collided violently in the air, and with this force, the man flew upside down and out again. prius-biotech.com

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