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"The rain is cold." Yu Hao looked at Ye Yuhan, who had hung up the phone and refused to speak, and could not help feeling a little anxious. Yu Hao, who had been beside Ye Yuhan, naturally recognized whose phone it was, but what they had said was not particularly clear to Yu Hao. You call Zhang Yuxuan over here. Hearing Yu Hao's voice, Ye Yuhan thought for a moment, or let them both come over, this matter is easier to solve. Ok Yu Hao nodded slightly and dialed Zhang Yuxuan's phone directly, ready to call him over. The rain is cold. What did he say? Or is something wrong? Yu Hao looked at Ye Yuhan with a dignified face and could not help asking with some concern. Wait for Zhang Yuxuan to come. Ye Yuhan slowly put down his cell phone, one hand holding his head, half of his body on the windowsill, glasses looking at the glass of red wine in his hand, slowly shaking, it seems that through this glass of wine can reach something, in Hao's view, at the moment Ye Yuhan's eyes are serious and complex. Alright Yu Hao nodded slowly, and then did not ask Ye Yuhan what to do,4 person jacuzzi, but slowly took out a cigarette from his pocket, slowly lit, looking at the cigarette, kept burning, flickering cigarette butts, in the mist-shrouded room unusually strange and mysterious. Bang,endless pool factory, bang, bang. There was a sharp knock on the door, and when he heard the knock, Yu Hao put out his cigarette butt in the ashtray, stretched himself, and opened the door with an inexplicable smile at the corners of his mouth. You came, "Ye Yuhan raised a smile at the corners of his mouth and walked slowly towards Zhang Yuxuan." What's the matter? As soon as Zhang Yuxuan came over, he saw two people with different faces and looked at them doubtfully. When Yu Hao heard Zhang Yuxuan's question, he had no choice but to shoulder it, indicating that he did not know what was going on, so both of them turned their eyes to Ye Yuhan, who had not spoken and looked out of the window. Do you know anyone in common? Ye Yuhan was silent for a while, then slowly took his eyes back and looked at Yu Hao and Zhang Yuxuan sitting on the sofa. A common understanding? Yu Hao could not help laughing when he heard Ye Yuhan's words. "If there is a common understanding, massage bathtub manufacturers ,endless swimming pool, shouldn't there be a lot?" Zhang Yuxuan also echoed the nod, "do you mean in this circle?" "Mmm." Ye Yuhan looked at the two men with burning eyes, the expression on his face was unusually serious, and there was no sense of joking. Seeing such Ye Yuhan, Yu Hao could not help but put away the cynical smile on his face and looked at Ye Yuhan seriously, "What happened?" "Oh, I got his call.". It should be someone who knows us well. Ye Yuhan looked at Zhang Yuxuan and the two of them and said slowly, "He asked us to go to Li Mu's company this afternoon." "Are we all going over there?" Yu Hao looked at Ye Yuhan doubtfully, "there should be nothing special to see him." Ye Yuhan looked at Yu Hao and paused. "There was nothing to do, but he mentioned you two at the end." "We?" Zhang Yuxuan looked at Ye Yuhan doubtfully, "if this is the case, it can only prove that this person should be known to us.". But "I thought for a long time that there should be no one who meets this requirement." Ye Yuhan then said Zhang Yuxuan's words directly. Let's wait until the afternoon is over. Yu Hao looked at Ye Yuhan and finally said helplessly, "Now that he has all our information.". It seems that it will be difficult for us to investigate him. "Mmm." Ye Yuhan nodded in silence. Face some not very good-looking, after all, this matter seems to have no initiative for them, all in the passive, this feeling let Ye Yuhan's scheming no feeling. Did you do anything in the afternoon? Zhang Yuxuan asked Ye Yuhan in a low voice. Ye Yuhan shook his head slightly, "he didn't say much about it.". Just say let's go together. "Good." Zhang Yuxuan nodded slightly, "since he did not say that there is no need to ask too much, the time to know will let us tell." "Let's talk about it in the afternoon." Ye Yuhan took a silent look at Yu Hao and them. Then he walked slowly out of the room.
Ye Yuhan's heart is a little irritable, he does not know what to do, but this matter is really no way for him. Yu Hao and Zhang Yuxuan two people looked at each other, silently nodded, now only wait until the afternoon to see what will happen over there. Chapter 401 mysterious figures in the main text. "What do you think of Li Mu now?" Yu Hao looked at Zhang Yuxuan and kept asking this, in fact, his heart is also very curious, but it seems that no one to answer his question. Don't you know in the afternoon? Zhang Yuxuan shook his head helplessly. At this time, Yu Hao always looked like a curious baby and kept asking himself and Ye Yuhan, but they didn't want to say too much to Yu Hao. I just know it's reliable to ask you the way. I'll go to the Internet to have a look. Yu Hao looked at Zhang Yuxuan's appearance, muttered a few words in a low voice, and then turned his head to his computer. Yuxuan. What on earth do you think this man wants to do? After Yu Hao left, Ye Yuhan glanced at him lightly and slowly picked up Bo Chun. His eyes were fixed on Ye Yuhan. I do not know Zhang Yuxuan shook his head slightly, and no one was sure what was going on. This thing is really very puzzling. After Zhang Yuxuan finished, he did not say anything more, quietly waiting for the arrival of the afternoon, the truth that should be together should be completely leaked out this afternoon. On the other side, Li Mu rushed to his office with an angry face. At this time, the air pressure of Li Mu's whole body was already low to a terrible level. When all the employees saw Li Mu's appearance, they did not feel that they had lowered their heads and called Li Mu, "General Manager Li." Then he ran away as fast as he could. But at the moment,endless swim spa, Li Mu is not in the mood to worry about so many things. Hey, did you hear? Watching Li Mu walk into the office, suddenly several people suddenly gathered together and hurriedly opened their mouths and said. Heard what? 。 monalisa.com

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