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His mountain, my sea

Tang's father and mother couldn't go to bed so they told them to get up early the next day and visit relatives for a whole day on the first day of the lunar new year Ye Ge and Tang Tian stayed on the roof until twelve o'clock When the clock strikes twelve o'clock the sound of firecrackers rises and falls one after another On New Year's Eve this year there is no Su Mo They haven't spent the Spring Festival together since they kissed Su Mo on the roof on New Year's Eve that year Sumo are you looking at me at this moment Tang Tian stood silently with her for more than an hour feeling that if he let her stand down again she would really dare to stand here all night He snapped his fingers in Water Treatment Chemicals her ear "Go back to sleep and get up early tomorrow morning to collect red envelopes" Ye Ge turned to look at him "What red envelope" "New Year's red envelopes the first time you go home for the New Year red envelopes must be indispensable in addition to my parents those aunts and uncles and a string of relatives will also give" How about it Is it a little exciting to think about it "I can't take the money" Tang Tian took out his cell phone and opened a post to show her "The third rule of renting a girlfriend home for the New Year is that the red envelope received by the woman must belong to the woman" "I don't care I don't want it anyway" Ye Ge insisted If you do that it's not authentic Tang Tian is discontented "Others give you red envelopes you do not want this is not obvious to embarrass them" During the Spring Festival don't just add to the congestion of others Ye Ge thought "well I'll take it for you first and I'll give it to you later" "That's it Go back to sleep" If I can't get up tomorrow morning I feel like I'm going to lose several hundred million yuan After visiting relatives for two days in a row Ye Ge received a pile of red envelopes She spread them out and calculated the number which startled her She returned the red envelope to Tang Tian but he refused to act shamelessly when she was really angry Tang Tian says "Such we two person half your that half is taken to use write off see enough use" Ye Ge looked at the account book of his mobile phone for a while and felt a little embarrassed and said "Actually I used to keep accounts without counting your travel expenses to and from Beijing" I'll leave the red envelope now so I'll count all your travel expenses "You want to deny such a large sum of money" Tang Tian threw a bag of snacks on her body "thanks to the red envelope otherwise hehehe" Ye Ge took the snack blushed slightly and said awkwardly "I think the weekly round trip is a little frequent and the travel expenses add up to more" Tang Tian squinted at her and said solemnly "Then I'd like to remind you that I bought a ticket back and forth You count it according to the ticket Don't play tricks and count it according to the train ticket" Well when you pay the bill I'll check it You keep the account book well Ye Ge hung his head lower "I know" Tang Tian turned his face away and praised his wit He tried his best to smile Then he turned around and said seriously "I want to drink soup You go to cook soup and take it as interest" “…… OK The author has something to say the next chapter begins to walk the plot ~ ~ ~ looked at the number of words found that this chapter is slightly short soga double more capricious 、chapter58 On the third day of the Lunar New Year Tang Tian and Ye Ge went to the supermarket to buy ingredients for cooking soup After picking up the ingredients Tang Tian took them to weigh China Chemicals and Ye Ge pushed the shopping cart and turned behind a row of shelves The shopping cart hit a man The man carried the shopping basket and looked up The two men looked at each other for half a minute Ye Ge held the shopping cart in both hands and the bones of his hands creaked The man Hei Hei smiled showing a mouthful of smoked yellow teeth "Ye Ge" Li Jianjun a math teacher at the orphanage Li Jianjun smiled wretchedly "It is said that women are becoming more and more beautiful This is true You are much better looking than when you were a child" If you hadn't stared at me I wouldn't have recognized you Tang Tian weighs come back carrying shopping bag to come over put in shopping cart casually laughing to ask "Have bought all" Did you miss anything Ye Ge clenched his lips his eyes were red staring at Li Jianjun in front of him and did not answer Tang Tian Tang Tian noticed her abnormality and followed her gaze Li Jianjun's muddy eyes rolled back and forth a few times on Tang Tian's body and smiled "Is this the new man you are looking for" Where's Sumo Hey hey I almost forgot Su Mo's mother is mentally ill he will not be like his mother now crazy to death
” Ye Ge's lips shook violently and he grabbed the soy sauce bottle in the shopping cart and was about to throw it at him Tang Tian put his arm around her shoulder grasped her wrist and said in a soothing voice "Ye Ge let me do it" Li Jianjun is Forest Chemicals not afraid this is in the supermarket in broad daylight what can they do to him Besides the man around Yeager certainly didn't know what kind of person she was Murderer's child if this man knew how to deal with her! Li Jianjun raised his head and even stretched his neck forward looking like a scoundrel "What's the matter" Still want to hit me I tell you this is a society ruled by law and all your actions will be punished by law As he spoke he pointed to his right leg and said angrily "Mom I'm selling this leg Do you see it This is the evidence I haven't looked for you yet but you've come to me Ah!" "What do you mean" "What do you mean" Don't pretend to be confused Hehe you don't know what kind of man you are now At that time when you and Su Mo disabled my leg you didn't think we could meet again today did you "When" Ye Ge's voice trembled and his eyes cracked "When was the last time you saw Su Mo!" When Li Jianjun wanted to scold again Tang Tian strode over twisted his arm with one hand and pushed his knee against his abdomen Li Jianjun bent down in pain the shopping basket in his hand fell to the ground and the things inside fell to the ground and rolled away in all directions Li Jianjun roared "What are you doing" Come on hit someone! Tang Tian leaned close to his ear "who's coming I've beaten you enough by myself" He lifted Li Jianjun from the ground again and turned to Ye Ge and said "Ye Ge keep up" Li Jianjun put his hands awkwardly behind his back and Tang Tian with his height and physical strength easily twisted him out with one hand There were many people in the supermarket and when they saw the movement here the people who ate melons quickly gathered around and pointed globalchemmall.com

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