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Original title: How much does it cost to invest in a KN95 mask machine production line? What is the daily production capacity? So far this year's epidemic, the number of confirmed cases in the world is still growing. Ordinary masks have become a global necessity, and automatic mask machines have become a hot demand. The world seems to be looking for mask and mask machine resources. So, how much does it cost to invest in a fully automatic mask machine? How much is the daily output? At present, the domestic mask machine is also divided into several kinds, also divided into medical, plane disposable, N95 and kn95 machine classification, then,Antivirus Disposable Mask with CE Certificate, so many types, if you want to invest in mask machine, for the epidemic to contribute,KN95 Face Mask, which kind of mask machine is more in line with just need? KN95 automatic mask machine is the first one. At present, many foreign countries almost accept the masks of N95 in a sweeping state. The United States has also announced the acceptance of the standard of N95 masks. KN95 is a Chinese standard mask, which comes from the Chinese national standard GB 2626-2006 Respiratory Protective Equipment Self-priming Filter Particulate Respirator. Therefore, the automatic N95 mask machine equipment is worth recommending, as for the price of this mask machine; At present, it is between 90 and 130W, and the market price of the mask machine has been fluctuating up and down, KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping ,Medical Quickly Delivery Antivirus Coverall, depending on the delivery date. If you are interested in the N95 mask machine, you can contact the online customer service to give you a professional answer. So, if you invest in a mask machine production line, what equipment do you need besides the mask machine? In addition to the production line, the production of masks also requires packaging lines, ethylene oxide sterilization and disinfection equipment, and automatic packaging machines: 50,000-150,000/set; Mask fast welding and cutting machine 58,000 yuan; Ultrasonic mask spot welding machine (manual operation) 5000 yuan; Ethylene oxide disinfection system: 200,000 ~ 300,000/set 10 m3; Therefore, if KN95 is invested, the whole line needs about 1 million to 1.5 million (refer to the estimated value). So, after investing so much, how much does a mask machine produce in a day? The KN95 mask machine production equipment launched by Tuosta has a production capacity of 50-70 PCs per minute. How about the profit of producing KN95 masks? The profit of KN95 masks is accumulated through sales, and because of the expansion of market demand, the price of masks is generally higher, which also increases the profit of products. In terms of business, according to people in the industry, the profit of mask production is as high as sixty or seventy percent. Under normal circumstances, mask sellers take goods from wholesalers,Medical Disposable Coverall, but even so, their profits can not be underestimated. If they can avoid the intermediate link of wholesalers and go directly to the manufacturers to get the goods, the profits of the sellers will be even higher. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:. zjyuan-group.com

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