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Hua Guifei is the birth mother of the six princesses. It is for this reason that Ann Ruoyan hates the little girl's face that resembles that bitch. Many princesses spurned and stared at the little girl with their nostrils in the air. The little girl was so wronged that she almost shed tears, and her two little hands were behind her back, standing still in the same place. Haw. They are all princesses born in the royal family. Can you accumulate some eloquence? It's not the little girl's fault she has a mother like that. The little girl was implicated purely innocently, and who could choose what kind of person her mother was? Say a few words less, the mistake is that the mother and concubine misjudged the person and raised a dog who did not know how to be grateful. The queen mother suddenly had a strange disease, and we had to discuss what gifts to send to comfort her. An Ruoyan just wanted to lift her legs into the palace, but on the way, she stopped again. She turned slowly and faced the mink. Xi Xizhi was so frightened that he stepped back, turned around and ran back. She's not messing with anyone. Don't go after her. The four legs play an advantage and rush forward quickly. Run too hard, bang in the middle, and hit someone's calf. Not only did the other side hurt, but the mink also fell to the ground in pain. It's just a mink. What's so strange about it? Not only do you like it, but even the emperor's brother is very precious. An Ruoyan a pair of sharp beautiful eyes, back and forth in Xi Xizhi body look, is very disdainful hum. The little girl thought that the other side wanted to bully the cloud mink,Investment casting parts, suddenly came to her senses and stood in front of the mink. Being excluded and satirized all the year round, the little girl didn't have much courage. Her body kept trembling, and her voice trembled: "Sister Six, it was raised by the emperor's brother.." "Don't press the palace with the name of the emperor's brother. Do you think the palace will be afraid?" The emperor's brother's favorite sister is her, a mere mink, where there is their own weight? An Ruoyan can be called conceited in a certain way. Xi Xizhi was knocked into a daze and could not distinguish between north,Steel investment casting, south, east and west. I just relaxed for a while and heard this sentence. He gritted his teeth to himself and waited for Anhong to look at you with a cold face to see if you were afraid! Xi Xizhi rubbed his painful buttocks and stood up slowly. This six princess is really not a fuel-efficient lamp. "An Yunyi, get out of the way of this palace!"! I just want to see the cloud mink. Why are you so nervous? An Ruoyan said to the little girl by name, the more she looked at the face, the more she felt uncomfortable. Especially on that little face, full of timidity and fear. Xi Xizhicai did not believe her lies, rubbed his buttocks and stepped back. An Yunyi did not have so many minds and asked in a weak voice, "Really?" "Why did I lie to you?"? It's just a mink, so I won't lower my status and haggle with it. Pushing away An Yunyi's short body, An Ruoyan looked down at the mink and said, metal stamping parts ,metal stamping parts, "It's just a tuft of fiery red fluff more than the ordinary mink. Why did the emperor hold it in the palm of his hand?" In recent days, it is well known that An Honghan dotes on mink. An Ruoyan looked at it carefully, but could not see anything special. Squat down slowly, want to pick up the mink, continue to look carefully. At that moment, a eunuch shouted, "Your Majesty is here." The princesses all bent over excitedly and saluted to An Honghan, "See brother Huang." An Honghan answered casually, "get up." The two little ladies who followed the mink saw something wrong earlier and ran back to the Panlong Palace to tell Your Majesty when everyone was not paying attention. No, I'm glad I got there at the critical moment. They can't afford it if the mink has something to dodge. Why is brother Huang free to come to Yan You Palace? An Ruoyan quickly changed her face and asked softly. Faint smile hanging on her face, more and more increase her elegance. But an Honghan turned a blind eye and went straight to the mink and held the naughty mink in his arms. "I'm just looking for it." He looked at a dozen princesses and frowned. "Why are you gathered here?" An Ruoyan just wanted to answer, but unexpectedly there was a voice like a mosquito fly, which preceded her: "Six Emperors told us to come over and discuss what tonic should be sent to the queen mother to mend her body." "Is there any medicinal material in the hospital?"? You don't have to worry about that. Stay in your own palace. The cold voice, seeping with cold air, came into the ears of all the people.
An Yunyi just inadvertently answered, the voice is small and small, did not expect an Honghan will really hear. She pursed her lips and raised her head. It was the first time she had talked to her brother. An Honghan was in her heart like a God who longed for something beyond her reach. The first time she was able to stand face to face with her brother, she was overjoyed and smiled. If How nice it would be if she could get the favor of her brother like the elder sister of the sixth emperor? Seeing the crisis lifted, Xi Xizhi breathed a sigh of relief. Why does she have a feeling. In addition to an Honghan side is safe, the rest of the place, are full of danger? In the end, her body is too fragile. Made her have an unprecedented sense of crisis, only an Honghan such a powerful man, enough to protect it. Otherwise, in the palace of eating people without spitting bones, his life will not be long. Be sure to curry favor with this man and try to please him in the future. Being answered by others first, An Ruoyan was so angry that she tightened her clothes and looked at An Yunyi angrily. After taking two steps forward, An Ruoyan grabbed An Honghan's robe intimately and shook it coquettishly. "Now that your brother is here, why don't you go to Yan You Palace for dinner?" An Honghan frowned slightly and seemed a little impatient. "You eat. I'll go back to the Panlong Palace first." Pulling back his arm without a trace, An Honghan held the mink in his arms and left with a group of palace eunuchs. -- -- -- -- Digression -- -- Fourteen princesses, after this, there will be a metamorphosis. About the princess several people's ink pen, these two chapters are foreshadowing, first lay the groundwork, later will write about them. This book is first published by this site,non standard fasteners, please do not reprint! Chapter 32 reluctantly give up what you love to show your heart. Looking at the silk in his hand, he gradually pulled away. An Ruoyan's face gradually became gloomy. The common people all said that the emperor brother dotes on her, but who knows the truth of the matter. autoparts-dx.com

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