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"This is the stumbling block." Said Sir Charles thoughtfully. The Interdistrict Inspector turned to Colonel Johnson and reported what they were doing. The colonel nodded in agreement, then gave the inspector a list of the names of the people who had stayed at the monastery on the night of the murder, and then gave it to two new detectives. The list is as follows: Martha.. Lecky. Cook Beatrice.. Church. Building maid Doris.. Cocker.. Maid of Louping Victoria.. Bauer.. Building maid Alice.. West.. The parlour maid Violet. Bassington. Kitchen maid (All the above officers served the deceased for a period of time.) Be of good conduct. Lecky has been there for fifteen years. Gladys Lyndon . Secretary, 33 years old. Refuse to be in Barcelona. Strange worked as a secretary for three years. Investigations have not revealed a motive. Guest. Lord and Lady Eden. 187 Cadogan Square Sir Jocelyn and Lady Campbell, 1256 Harley Street. Miss Angela Sutcliffe . 28 Cantrell Yun House sw3 Captain and Mrs. Dykes.. 3, Covenant House wi (Mrs Dykes works for Ambrosian Co., Ltd.) Mary Lost and Hermio Lytton & # 183; Miss Gore . Rose House, Lumouth Miss Muriel Wells 5 Upper Cathcart Road, Tooting Oliver & # 183; Mr. . Spear & Ross, Old Brossi Street, ec2 'Well, 'said Charles,' the document omits what happened at Tooting. I think little Manders was there. "He happened to be in an accident,faux ficus tree, sir." "The young gentleman drove his car right into a wall next to the monastery," said the cross-district police inspector. Sir Bartholomew met him once and told him to spend the night there. "How careless." Said Sir Charles gloatingly. That's right, sir. The inspector said, "In fact, in my imagination,outdoor ficus tree, this young gentleman, as the saying goes, must be.." A narrow escape from death. If I hadn't been drunk, it would be hard to imagine why I happened to hit the wall there. "I thought he was a spiritual fanatic." Said Sir Charles. As far as I'm concerned, it's a mental problem, sir. Thank you very much, Lieutenant. Colonel Johnson has no objection to our seeing the abbey? 'Of Course not, dear Sir, though I'm afraid you won't know more there than I can tell you. ' "Who is there?" "Only the family, silk ficus tree ,silk olive tree, sir." The inspector said, "The reception at the villa stopped immediately after the investigation began." Miss Lyndon has returned to Halley Street. "Maybe we should go and see." Uh, look at David? Suggested Mr. Satterthwaite. That's a great idea They got the doctor's address. After warmly thanking Colonel Johnson, they left. T, X \ t, small, say heaven, don WW w. xia oshu m Chapter 3 Who is the murderer? As they walked along the street, Sir Charles said: "Any thoughts, Satterthwaite?" "And you?" Asks Mr. Satterthwaite, who likes to reserve judgment until the last appropriate moment. Sir Charles was different. He said clearly. They're wrong, Satterthwaite. They are completely wrong. They are always staring at the housekeeper. It's not right. It doesn't make sense. This cannot be separated from the other death-the one that happened at my place. "You still think the two cases are connected?" Although Mr. Satterthwaite's mind had already answered in the affirmative, he put the question. My friend, they are definitely connected. It can be confirmed from all aspects. We need to find out what we have in common-find out who was at both parties. "Yes," said Mr. Satterthwaite, "but on the face of it, things are not as simple as people think. There are too many common factors.
Cartwright, are you aware of that? The people who attended the reception at your house also attended the reception here. Sir Charles nodded. Of course, I have thought of this. But what inferences can we draw from this? "I don't understand you, Cartwright." "You're a tough one, man!"! Do you see the coincidence of the two? No, someone did it on purpose. Why is it that everyone who was present at the first death was also present at the second? An accident? I've never seen an accident like this in my life. It's a conspiracy, it's an elaborate plan, it's a Tory plan. "Ah!" Mr. Satterthwaite said, "Yes, it's possible.." "It must be so." You don't know Tory as well as I do, Satterthwaite. He is a prudent and thoughtful man, a patient man. In all the years I've known him, I've never heard him speak his mind. You ought to look at it this way. Babington was murdered. He was murdered.. I don't avoid questions, I don't beat around the Bush. He was killed that night in my home. When tolly laughed at my suspicions about the accident. Later, he himself has been suspicious. But he didn't say what he thought & he shouldn't have done that. . I'm thinking about a case quietly. I don't know what his basis is. I don't think it's aimed at any one person,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, but he believes that one of the guests is the criminal who committed the crime. So he made a plan, which was actually a test. In order to find out who the killer is. Then why did you invite other guests? Like the edens and the Campbells. That's a cover. This keeps things from being obvious. "What kind of plan do you think that is?" Sir Charles shrugged his shoulders in an exaggerated foreigner's gesture. He seems to have become the head of the intelligence agency, Aristide. Duval.. He has a slight limp in his right leg.

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