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Because Xi Hongyu had a request for her, she was doubly close and considerate to Ann, talking and laughing, very intimate, knowing that it was dark before she got up and left. Suddenly the telephone rang, harsh and desolate. It was not until the servant quietly picked it up that Ann's heart was widened. The servant answered the phone and told her that Xuanyuan Sijiu would not come today. When she went upstairs, she was alone in the bedroom, and suddenly it was quiet, and it looked like an empty house, and the cold loneliness that was so cold to the bone was so endless that she didn't know what to do. So he picked up the emerald jewelry left by Xi Hongyu and looked at it carefully, only to find that the ruby green on it was as pure as the most vivid Bodhi leaf, and no spot could be found. Even though she had seen many rare treasures, she knew that it was not easy to find such a rare gem. After playing with it for a while, she went to bed early. But as soon as I lay down, there was a heavy snow in the sky outside, and a very strong wind. The wind was very strong, and it kept whistling wildly outside the window. It also blew against the window edge and made a very annoying sound. The light at the head of the bed was dim and dark, and Ann was also in a daze, and her heart was in a state of confusion. It was a long time before she fell asleep. The dream came in a trance. It was also a snowy night. She and her second sister and the polar night were trapped in the hut in the mountains because of their playfulness in the daytime. The hut seemed to be a place for hunters to rest their feet in the mountains. There was a lot of chopped firewood in it, so when the fire was lit, the house was hot. But they were still afraid that she would be frozen, so they stayed close to her. Left is the polar night,water filling machine, right is the second sister, the snow outside the window, the whole night sky dyed into a beautiful blue, like the most delicate feathers on the wings of a white bird gracefully floating down, beautiful beyond description. It is clearly a dream of happiness, but the heart is full of sadness, dreams come and go, go and come,liquid bottle filling machine, repeatedly, entangled. Many things want to forget, but deep into the bone marrow; want to remember, but no trace can be found. Suddenly, the telephone rang far away, in silence, like in the ear, over and over again, I do not know why no one answered. It's like a thousand words of unspeakable anxiety. Ann suddenly woke up, turned over and sat up, hands unconsciously pressed on the chest, that light melancholy is still entangled in the heart. After a while, Hongyun hurriedly woke her up. What's the matter? "The official residence sent someone to pick you up and told you to come right away!" As he spoke, he hurriedly pulled Ann, who was still a little confused, liquid bottle filling machine ,plastic bottle making machine, up and combed her hair. As soon as I combed my hair, the car arrived. Ann hurried downstairs. As soon as she reached the stairway, Hongyun chased her out: "Miss, you forgot to bring your earrings!" Then he stood on tiptoe to help her take it, and Ann was not in a hurry to take a closer look and hurried to the car. The early morning snow was still very heavy, Ann got out of the car and saw the thick snow on the wide stone steps of the mansion, which creaked when she stepped on it, and most of her shoes sank in. The servants led her to the second floor, and the whole mansion seemed to be plunged into a gloomy atmosphere like the sky. All the guards and servants seemed to stand on tiptoe, trying not to make a sound, even if they were speaking, only in a whisper. Outside the study on the second floor, Yan Shaozheng stood at the door and saw a look of relief on Ann's face. What's the matter? Yan Shao twisted his eyebrows and looked at it, with more anxious lines at the corners of his mouth, and pointed to the door of the study. …… Bribery case, subordinates dare not have the slightest concealment, can not find any evidence, all the files submitted, please adjudicate. What do I decide without proof?! This thing can't be done well. Is there any soldier's appearance? Are they all here to make a fool of themselves? Xuanyuan Sijiu's angry shout came out from inside the door, and just listening to the voice you could tell how angry he was. So are we. "But also quibble, as a soldier depends on the gun in your hand, not your mouth, glib tongue with me here, it is better to do things well!" Xuanyuan Sijiu kept coughing as he spoke, but the more frequently he coughed, the more angry he became. He is ill I came back late from the parade yesterday, and I felt a little cold, so I felt unhappy and coughed a little.
When Jiushao was uncomfortable, his temper was always very irritable, and he refused to see a doctor, which made all the people inside suffer. As he spoke, Yan Shao winked at Ann. He raised his hand and knocked at the door, saying, "Jiushao, the doctor is here." "Get out of here!" Xuanyuan Si Jiu roared again, and Ann had some butterflies in her stomach. But do not think carefully, Yan Shao has already pushed behind her. The door opened, and through the glass windows of the room came the dim light of the sky, which fell on the three officers standing upright on the green brick floor. Xuanyuan Sijiu was sitting on a gold lacquer chair, with a row of red sandalwood bookshelves along the wall behind him. The light reflected in the window added a blue light to his pale stubble, making his face more pale and haggard. And when Ann appeared at the door in a black woolen overcoat, Xuanyuan Sijiu felt his cough stuck in his throat. Looking at her clear star-like eyes, he blinked with some confusion and kept a serious tone: "Why did you come here?" Their eyes touched each other, and they stared at her motionless as if they were trying to see through people's hearts. Ann bit her lower lip and stepped forward with some trepidation. He reached out boldly and stroked his forehead with a slight tilt of his head. As a matter of fact, Ann has never studied medicine, and she really has no idea how high a person's body temperature should be. But after four or five seconds with the palm of his hand on his forehead, he felt the burning temperature climb up his slightly cold skin. It's so hot that you don't let the doctor see it? Ann tried to smile at the corners of her lips, and he just looked at her with a childlike look in his eyes, willful and awkward,water bottling line, but his tone was still very solemn, and his eyebrows were almost tied into a knot. Is it hot? "Yes." "Call the doctor in," she coaxed him in a whisper. 。 gzxilinear.com

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